What's does Super XXX's mean?

What's does Super XXX's mean?

"It's Super120’s fabric."

Have you ever heard this kind of expression at a suit store? Ready-made suits also have tags with such expressions. What is this about...?

Sheep for wool production

- What does "Super XXX's" mean?

It means "using raw wool fiber that can make a single yarn with a weight of 1 kg and a length of XXX km". For example, "Super120's" means "Raw wool that can make 120km of single yarn with a weight of 1kg".

wool spinning

In other words, the higher the number, the finer the fiber and the higher the quality. The quality of Super 120’s is higher (finer) than Super110’s.

Reda super110's suit

In the past, Super100’s was considered to be a fine fiber, but recently Super 110’s and 120’s are commonly used for fine quality suits.

Drago Super 180's wallece trousers

There are also Super140’s and 150’s (or even higher like Super180’s or 200’s) that are considered as luxury quality fabrics. These are very soft, shiny, silky touch and beautiful. However, if the fiber is that thin, it will wrinkle and lack durability, sometimes it is no suitable for daily business use.

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