Pre-washed linen

Pre-washed linen

Linen fabric is getting very popular in our brand. But what about laundry? Have you ever had a linen shirt that got shrunk after the first wash? Today let’s talk about linen fabric and our premium linen shirts.

Flax Plants

- Linen

Linen is an annual plant of the flax family that is about 80 cm tall. It has excellent breathability and water absorption, and has a crisp texture that won't stick to your skin even when you get sweaty, making it the perfect material for hot and humid summers.

Europe currently accounts for over 90% of the world's linen production, with France accounting for approximately 80%, followed by Belgium at approximately 15%, followed by the Netherlands, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

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- Characteristics of linen

Cool and lowers body temperature - It has high thermal conductivity and excellent heat dissipation, so you will feel cool just by touching it.

Smooth and hard to get stuffy - Approximately 1.5 times more hygroscopic and 1.4 times more moisture releasing than cotton.

High antibacterial effect, repels dirt - Even when you sweat, the incidence of bacteria is low, and dirt is easy to remove.

Excellent durability - It has high strength and gets softer and more textured each time you wash it.

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- About shrinkage

Natural fibers always shrink!

Linen has the highest shrinkage rate with water among natural fibers. Cotton has a shrinkage rate of 2-3%. On the other hand, linen will shrink by 5-10%. It may be one size smaller after the first wash. It depends on the weave and processing, but be sure to check the care label.

At our brand, all linen shirt orders are proceeded to pre-washing process once before being cut. Since the fabric is pre-shrunk, it can prevent significant shrinkage during the first wash. So please feel free and enjoy wearing our premium linen shirts.

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