Advantages of custom-made shirts

Advantages of custom-made shirts

You can make a shirt with a perfect fit

The biggest advantage of custom-made shirts is that they can be tailored to your body. For a good shirt, the balance between body and neck is especially important. Ready-to-wear shirts sizes such as 38 or 39, (or also 15 or 15½) are made to fit to the neck circumference. In accordance with this, the body circumference and shoulder width are generally matched to the size of the neck. However, such mass-produced shirts cannot fit everyone's body. For example, there are many cases where the body is too tight or too loose when the neck is perfectly fitted. Conversely, if you chose the shirt for its body, the neck circumference is often large or small. In addition, the body and sleeve lengths must be considered. Custom-made shirts are the best way to have a beautiful neck line with your favorite tie, and a perfect fit to your body.

Shirts collar too bigBad example -  the neck circumference is too big

You can choose your own design

Another advantage of custom-made shirts is that you can choose the important parts of the design, such as collar, placket, yoke, and cuffs as you like. In addition, you can choose from a variety of colors, designs, and quality of fabrics, so you can create your own shirt.

Stand collar blue shirts

Lasts longer than ready-to-wear shirts

Custom-made shirts can last longer than ready-made shirts. That's because it's tailored to fit to your body without stressing the fabric or seams. In addition, it may be possible to replace parts such as collar and cuffs which are commonly get stained.

White and pink shirts


Making a custom-made shirt has many advantages. The price is also not expensive compared to ready-made products using the same class of fabric. Taking this opportunity, if you haven't tried a custom-made shirt yet, why don't you order one just for you?

Herringbone blue shirt
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